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Theft and fire are two of the biggest threats to any const
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Games > Game Genres > Kids GamesLaunched an Augmented Reality Ready Teddy-Bear Leroy Sane Shirt , Now Available on Apple Store
Posted by Arkub in Games on January 17th, 2018

What does an augmented reality teddy bear look like? Meet Parker, hailed by its manufacturer Seedling as the first AR teddy bear in the world. Seedling is a startup company that specializes in children’s toys. The teddy bear is currently available exclusively at Apple retail stores and aimed at children aged three and older. Parker may seem like your ordinary plush teddy bear with no batteries or electronics, but with a specially designed AR app, he can come to life through your iPad and iPhone. This innovative augmented reality teddy bear costs .95 at the Apple Store, and the price includes the accessories Fabian Delph Shirt , a backpack, Parker, and a letter from the bear.

How it works

Apple ARKit is used by the app to let kids interact with Parker in various ways. Kids can play doctor with Parker to examine his bones and diagnose illness with accompanying accessories such as x-ray bibs, a toy stethoscope, toy thermometer, and medicine Kevin De Bruyne Shirt , while the app provides a view of the bear’s inner organs. The app comes with mini games, with one of them requiring the player to squash stomach germs, so Parker can ward off the stomach bug. There is an AR camera feature, too, in which kids can watch his happiness grow and transform the surroundings with new AR effects. Children may help build the bear’s AR world using the ‘magic camera’ feature, which can let them make magical worlds like a mushroom forest or an undersea garden.

Why play with Parker?

Parker the AR teddy bear may help encourage kids to be caring and develop empathy them. Certain games can help kids develop a knack for problem solving Eliaquim Mangala Shirt , too. Parker itself is a doctor play toy that helps kids learn science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through puzzles and games. According to Seedling, every time kids solve a problem or cure an ailment Aymeric Laporte Shirt , the bear’s happiness level increases to unlock more features, which can be viewed through the app’s magic camera.

Kids get to enjoy in-app experiences like giving Parker a check-up, test his lung capacity, and use a 3D touch feature to help him take deep breaths. This way, Parker represents the combination of old school toys with new technologies, which resulted in a safe and gentle toy that creates meaningful experiences for kids and their families.

About the Author:

This article is written by Lawrence John of ARkub – a Dubai based Interactive agency Sergio Aguero Shirt , specialising in augmented reality application development & virtual reality solutions. We support clients by integrating AR, VR, gaming and 2D and 3D experiences, that enhances their marketing campaigns and add values to promotions.

Elephant is the largest living land animal in the earth today and they can be categorized into three major types. African bush elephant, African forest elephant and Asian elephant are the three main types of elephants. Asian elephants are also popularly known as Indian elephants. In Asian countries, elephants are often worshipped and are considered as sign of wisdom. Elephants are also used for elephant safari and wildlife tours. Though it is an animal Ilkay Gundogan Shirt , studies revealed that memory and intelligence of elephants are high.

Today, numbers of elephants are decreasing as a result of human intrusion inside different forests. At present it is a protected species in most of the countries. Actually African and Asian elephants are different species, the African elephants are bigger in size compared to the Asian ones and the sizes of the ears are much larger. On the basis of genetic differences, the African elephants are further classified into two major types. Both kinds of these elephants are basically herbivores.

Trunk of elephant is the fusion of upper lip and the nose. Few biologists suggested that, the elephant's trunk muscles are sensitive enough to pick up a single blade of grass, and the trunks are strong enough to rip the branches off a tree. The second upper incisors are the tusks and these tusks grow continuously. An adult elephant锟絪 tusk can grow even seven inches per year. The elephants use these tusks to dig for water Raheem Sterling Shirt , roots and salts to maintain hydration of body. With these tusks the elephants can even debug trees and branches. These tusks are even used as weapons. Teeth of the elephant highly differ from teeth of other mammals. There are no baby teeth in case of elephants; the teeth remain throughout its life. Elephant skins are tough and around 2.5 cm thick. But, the skin, near to ears and mouth are very thin and soft. Legs are like strong pillars and the feet are almost round.

The elephants can swim and climb to some extent but they hardly have any other movements. Usually an elephant spends around sixteen hours per day to accumulate food. In terms of body mass, an elephant is almost five times than a human being. The largest areas of elephant锟絪 brain are used for hearing purposes. It is indeed an interesting fact to note that the hearing receptors are located inside the trunk. And again in feet, which have special receptors for low frequency sound and these are exceptionally well innervated.

Elephants have high level of self-awareness and they are very cautious about the surrounding environment. With repeated elephant hunting over the centuries, today elephants are under threat of extinction. Elephants play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance John Stones Shirt , so preservation of elephant is indeed crucial.

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