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After finishing his prep career in Raleigh Wholesale Alabama Crimson Tide Jersey , North Carolina Pistol Pete joined the LSU Tigers where his father was coaching at the time. The scholarship offer Pete received to play at LSU was by no stretch of the imagination a handout from his father as Pistol quickly proved by scoring 50 points, dishing out 11 assists, and pulling down 14 rebounds in his very first game as a freshman. Over his three year college career Pistol Pete averaged an astounding 44.2 points per game during a span from 1968-1970 when he led the NCAA in scoring each of those three years.

The 6’5″ guard accomplished the majority of his scoring with outside shooting and all of those points were accumulated before the implantation of the three point line. Years later LSU head coach Dale Brown reviewed game tapes and ascertained that had a three point line been in place when Pistol Pete played Pete would have averaged an astounding 13 three pointers per game which would have boosted his average points per game from an astounding 44 per game to an unbelievable 57 points per game. In 2005 ESPNU (ESPN subsidiary that specializes in college sports) named Pistol Pete Maravich as the greatest college basketball player of all-time – almost solely based on his incredible outside shooting ability.

If you’re not an avid fan, a game of pro basketball and a game of college basketball will look very similar Wholesale Auburn Tigers Jersey , if not totally the same. From game to game, you see similar things: a standard size ball, basketball players, a 10-foot hoop and the foul line 15 feet from the backboard. Take a closer look Wholesale Clemson Tigers Jersey , though, and you’ll start to see differences in college and professional play.

In the NBA, the game is played in four 12-minute quarter periods. In the NCAA, there are two 20-minute halves. The length of the game is different Wholesale Florida State Seminoles Jersey , but they both share an overtime period that lasts five minutes.

The clock is different between college and pro as well, where the NBA has a 24-second shot clock, and the NCAA shot clock lasts 35 seconds. For this reason, scoring in NCAA games can differ greatly from game to game as well as from team to team. Teams who employ a strong defense strategy with respect to the shot clock end up with games that score in the 50 to 60 point range. Using a more aggressive offensive strategy Wholesale Georgia Bulldogs Jersey , you’ll see higher scores in the 80 to 100 range – similar to the scores posted in most NBA games.

NCAA teams have 10 seconds in order to get the ball half-court after a basket; NBA teams are limited to just 8 seconds.

The court is the same size in both organizations (94 feet long by 50 feet wide), basket height, backboard distance and the foul line are all the same, as well. However Wholesale Kansas Jayhawks Jersey , watch closely when college and pro teams take a 3-point shot. NBA players take a 3-point shot from 23’9″ (22″ in the corners) and the NCAA’s 3-point shot is from a distance of 19’9″. NBA lane width is 16 feet and collegiate players’ lane is 12 feet.

Further differences exist between pro and college basketball beyond variation in the shot clock length and the distance for 3-pointers.

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Former skilled basketball player Michael Jordan led the Bulls to six national championships and earned the NBA Most Important Player Award five instances.

Sometimes, it can be a great hassle on your part especially when you cannot use a PC when you are out of the house. Of course, you can always bring it around with you, but that’s going to be to a hassle. But that’s not a problem anymore. Equipped with the AMOLED touch screen Wholesale Lsu Tigers Jersey , you should. With an entirely huge screen measuring 4.3inch, you will surely love to access it without getting crossed-eye on letters and other features on the screen. It is like you are entirely using a PC or a laptop in the convenience of a smart phone.

With a smart phone with a huge interface, you will have to thoroughly take care of it to avoid unwanted scratches and cracks that might take place. You should get a screen protector for your phone to keep it secure from unnecessary elements. You can also download from a wide array of different accessories for your phone. You can get the Droid Streamer Pro to enable you to watch TV-shows, Movies and stream it down directly on your smart phone. This is like watching it via laptop or PC since the smart phone you have has an entirely huge screen. If you are travelling to another country Wholesale Miami Hurricanes Jersey , you don’t have to worry about where to find a PC to translate the country’s language and teach you how to speak. You can easily download Tourist Language Learn & Speak to let you translate helpful phrases to understand.

There are also a lot of accessories to choose from to keep your smart phone not only flashy but secured as well. Since you are using it for a lot of purposes, you must have it taken well care of to avoid any unwanted elements to take place in your phone. In order to avoid damage you must be sure to get the correct accessories.

Slow Internet connection is one problem though. Crashing browsers can even add up to your dilemma especially when you are rushing to do something important while on a road trip. But lucky for you, you can eliminate this problem if you download Opera Mobile Web Browser. You can also opt to download the Windows 7 application to make your smart phone look and work like a PC or laptop even if you’re outdoors.

A smart phone is called smart because it has the same functions like a PC or a laptop. But what’s so great about having a smart phone opposed to a PC and laptop, is that you can fit it in your pocket Wholesale Michigan Wolverines Jersey , which means, you can connect to the Internet wherever you are. You don’t have to waste your effort in carrying around bulky stuff or rushing to the nearest internet station just to have access to a computer and t. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Sports Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys

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