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 rainy night, is it just like 
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Beitrag rainy night, is it just like
This summer, the rain is always so scarce that it has no connection with previous summers Online Cigarettes. In the sweltering weather, I hope that fresh raindrops will come. After all the rain came, albeit late. In plainness without warning, the rain really infiltrated the earth. From the hazy dreams of the morning, the rain quietly took care of the impetuous impetuousness, depositing all thoughts that might be related to the sweltering. Lying lazily like this, Ren Yudi hit the palpitation lightly, and my heart climbed up. The rain drops ticked next, with a trace of chill. Stung the whole world, along with my mind. A heavy rain fell on the window, blocking the view, and the city was blurred in the rain. I looked at the sky quietly, breathed quietly, thought quietly, and quietly remembered. Lest we break the loneliness of the rainy season. The vast smoke and rain, I want to rest. So, I took note of the richness of the rain, the charm of the rain, the breath of the rain ...
The sound of rain outside the window impregnated my words invisibly, the rain falling from the vast horizon, silently impregnating every corner of the city. I have no longer complained, this is the natural law of life, those that should be, those that should not be, I no longer think about it, just like that, quiet, obey the arrangements of fate. The mysterious scenery outside the window was dressed in the sky. I slowly opened the scroll, and the years deep in my memory swarmed. Time unknowingly precipitated too many past events. I used to think that memories would stay in my memories forever, but time is like a bleach. Memories gradually turned into dust, disappearing little by little in my mind. I leaned against the bed blankly and let the time flow from the gap between the pages and the text. In life, youth is no longer, prosperity is gone. I have walked halfway through the years, maybe time will not let me subvert the undulating mood, or maybe my heart is old. The drizzle drizzled, the emotions repeated. The beauty at this moment is a step back in time, a quiet and solitary lonely loneliness in the rain, and I gently lifted the feeling of rain and tenderness on the heart, and put on the helpless color, for the soul of the past Pulling dreams around, for the now intoxicating acacia Marlboro Red, Ren Yudi gradually barren the once eachother and the old face. I hope the rain is floating and my heart is hard to break, and I walk into this lonely rainy season. Between the lines of sad words, the origins in the rolling red dust have settled, and I ca n��t hold the dreamy emotional blur for a long time. Beautiful and desolate. We have loved like that, we have loved deeply. At the rainy intersection, why did we lose the elegant flower umbrella, how did we release our clenched hands, touch the coldness of the rain, and the cold rain that was a little flooded, we finally went to the opposite direction. Looking away, eyes filled with rain, or eyes filled with tears. Touching different feelings of heartbeat, squandering different feelings. Looking back, it was when the youth was frivolous, he knew too little and betrayed his treasure. It ��s unclear or unknown. It was the rain that made me fall, or the rainy season that made me sink, or the back view of your gradual descent in the rain, let me stay in the dark corner, endure the moist and moving heart Always on rainy days, we accidentally think of our past. The beginning and end of a dream will always have fallen sadness and many traces of traces. Life is so shallow, I miss you, but so deep. How much I want to cherish the romance and glory we used to use the current mature reason; how I want to perceive the bits and pieces in the red dust with a clear state of mind. Looking back suddenly, once the sea, I'm afraid I have already changed the world. In the cold and rainy night, sitting in front of the window, I always tried to crush time into a faint text to send love and sadness and bitter memories. Sadness like the tired raindrops infiltrated the torso's heart and penetrated the beautiful heartbreaking beauty of the years Wholesale Cigarettes. A man is so lonely, so silent and sad. Is it in a distant place, is it on the same rainy night, is it just like me, is also quietly waiting for a simple, simple rainy season; is also quietly waiting for a quiet memory with traces, but Rejecting the look of the past, blinking, the heart could not help but squirming gently, softening the appearance of memories, as if it was only an instant, but it fixed the life for a lifetime

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