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An old man with
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An old man with a silvery sky, inadvertently found a young guy practicing the brush. The old man did not bother the young man who was practicing the brush, but he left it after watching it for a while. Every day, the young guy will practice the brushwork on the stone table downstairs at the same time. The old man will come to see the last time on time every day, and then quietly leave. A week passed, and a month passed. On the day after the end of the third month, the old man with silver hair went gently to the young boy and asked him: "What is your greatest wish now?" The young man didn't want to answer: "Have a million luxury cars." The old man smiled and said: "I thought your wish was to write a good brush!" The old man said this sentence and shook his head. Turning around and preparing to leave, the young man looked at the old man��s back and said, "I have that skill. I practiced the brush and I only think it is a traditional cultural heritage. I don't want this tradition to disappear from me. I I hope that when my children see it in the future, they know what it is. The old man who knows the meaning of its existence does not take a few steps. After hearing these words, he will look back at the young boy again, thinking a little younger man. Said: "I will give you a business card, I can help you achieve your wishes. But premise what you exchange with me. If you think about it, come over and look for me. I will give you ten days. If this deadline is passed, my promise to you will be void. The old man patted the young man's shoulder and turned and really left. The young guy didn't care about it. He continued to practice the brushwork in this place every day. The days passed, and the old man seemed to be I have never seen it in his life. When there are only two days left in the time of the appointment of the old man, the young man��s father came and said to his son: ��You have been living in us since you gave birth. I haven��t left, don��t you want to go out and see the world outside?�� The young man looked up at his father and smiled and said, ��Dad, I��m used to staying here, go out and do it! Let me say Isn��t it a good time now?�� The young man��s father frowned and said to his son: ��Children, you are a young man, you should have a kind of enthusiasm. Do you feel that there is something missing in this comfortable life? In fact, the outside world is really wonderful. You should go out and check it out?�� The young boy did not say anything, and his father went on to say, ��Children, do you know? I now know that I made a mistake to you, a fatal mistake, that is, I have arranged a life for you, you lost yourself; I destroyed your life, you lost hope. So now I want to make up for the mistake I made. I want you to leave this house, leave the county, and leave the current unit to go out. If you are a lion, you will find a grassland that is better and bigger than here. If you are a bear, please come back here and let me take care of you. After the young man��s father finished the sentence, he left the business card left by the old man and left it in front of the young man. The young boy stood up all night. The young boy left when it was just dawn. When I got home, I didn��t say goodbye to his father, so I walked away quietly Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. The only thing left for his father was a note. The note only had two words: "The young lion boy came to the strange city and found it." The old man, ask the old man what he can exchange for a million luxury car. The old man looked at the young guy and pondered for a while and said, "Use your five years to change, are you willing?" The young guy nodded and said firmly: "I am willing." So the young boy reached the old man. A textual agreement, the old man came to the front of a villa with a young boy and said to him: "The desire you want is inside, your promise is also inside, your future life is also inside, maybe you The future will change from here. If you think about it, you can go in. I will come back to you after five years." The young boy did not say anything. He pushed the door directly and went in. The old man then After leaving the young guy into the villa, the first piece of furniture that came into view was a large tablet that was placed close to the window, and there were four treasures on the table, and of course a car key. The bookcases are neatly arranged around the writing desk, and nothing else can be found in this villa. The young guy stayed here for five years. Time flies past the meteor. When the old man appears again in front of the young boy, the young boy is already famous in the city because he can write a different brush. When the young lad sees the old man, his eyes are already tearful, and vaguely blaming the old man, how come you are now, the old man and other young guys have calmed down, and he said to him: "You have been here for five years. Changed the world and changed your future." The young boy wiped his tears and asked the old man: "How do you choose to trade with me!" The old man smiled and replied: "Because you know how to stick." Young boy Immediately after asking: "How do you know that I will practice the brush!" The old man still smiled and replied: "Because you know persistence Cigarette Cartons For Cheap." The young man can't wait to ask: "How do you know that I will abide by the agreement between us?" "The old man put away a smile and solemnly replied: "Because you understand the meaning of persistence." When the young guy wants to ask something, the old man raises his eyes and looks to the distant young man to look at the old man in front of him Marlboro Red 100 Carton. When the legs are not soft, they are in front of the old man. When they are ready to give the old man a slap in the face, the old man stopped the young man and said to him: "I can't be your master because I am What you have to do. Your master should be yourself, your success is yours. I just give you an environment, an opportunity, and the rest is the result of your own efforts Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale, which has nothing to do with me. When the old man finished these words, he stood up and said to the young man again: "I have to go, I have to thank you for letting me accomplish my only wish and commitment to others in my life. The rest." Ruth yourself finished. The young boy has become a famous calligrapher in the country after years of hard work Cheap Newport 100. Every time someone asks him the secret of success, the young guy will tell you this story and will tell The only thing he wants to do now is to fulfill his wishes and live like the old man.

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