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 Summer night 
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Beitrag Summer night
Summer night, very quiet, quiet. Maybe it shouldn't be so quiet, I am afraid that those summer insects are not willing to disturb me who has lost sleep. Late at night, it was half a night, I finally did not fall asleep, only the old fan hanging on the wall squeaked with me. But I have a lot of spirits, thinking fast in my mind, in the end is thinking about something, but I have no way to say it, or I can��t say it. This season, it��s supposed to be awkward Marlboro 100S Carton. of. Strange, but tonight is gone, a little bit of cry does not exist. It seems that the sound of the old fan is particularly obvious, and it is possible to count the number of turns he has turned. I don't know if it is the reason for getting into middle age. I always think about something that I have not done recently. I don't know what day it is today. But the body of the body has worked quite well, yes, I call it operation. Like a mechanical clock with a clockwork on the clockwork, the ticking is done step by step, even if it is asleep, it will not turn wrong or stop; it is like this is the track that has been set since birth, and the ending is known at the beginning. trail of. A pair of invisible big hands shrouded me, so that I couldn't score without moving, my nails were already stuck in my bones Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale, and my painful grin, but I couldn't get rid of it. I want to get out of this train, let me breathe the train that is difficult, and see what the dark piece of the car is Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. Fearless, as long as it is not in the train compartment of this train, even if it is only a moment, it is brilliant. The outside of the car is dark, like this night, making people fear, everyone said that jumping out will die. I came to the edge and found half of my body, trying to suck the air outside the car. But I hesitated. I didn't hesitate because they said they would die when they jumped out Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, but for the heavy shackles of this body. If I am desperate to jump off the train, the shackles will be rusty until the end of the age, he was born for me, and I am so ruthless, is it too selfish? If he has the choice, it will not Choose my master? I came to this edge, the outside is dark, I am not afraid! But I am not willing to let go Marlboro Red 100 Carton, hesitating, hesitating. No one can tell me how to do it, maybe there is, but I don't want it. I just want to go and see that this dark night is over half, very quiet, I am still thinking, there is no answer. The fan is still languid, one circle, one circle... back to the starting point, or a circle

Fr Apr 12, 2019 8:42
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