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 adle of miracles, the n 
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Farewell to reality and past, embrace for a short time and a long time, this is the years! The years are like the never-ending wind, passing through the four seasons, passing the passing years. A life-like floating boat, which travels day and night in the wind of years, has no return ticket, and no fixed course. Before reaching the other shore, the ship of life gave the fate to the wind of years! There is life in the place where the flowing water passes, and dreams in the place where the white clouds float. I, chasing my dreams in the journey of life, is the wind of the years weaving the dream, and the wind of the years awakening the dream. The wind of the years rolls up the cloud of sky, so that the smile blooms in the morning light, and the passion passes in the passage of time. Gradually, at the other end of the day, the wonderful day is collected by the evening glow! When the twilight is getting thicker, the wind of years will blow away impetuousness and prosperity, let the tranquility live in the tired heart, and let the memories fill every dream! The winds of the years, the clouds gathered, form a trickle of water. After getting tired of yesterday's enthusiasm and last night's tranquility, spread the raindrops! See, that stray dust has found its lost destination, settled in the moist gap, listen, the wind chimes outside the window sing, and the gentle tenderness clouds surround the space. Moving forward, singing all the way, in the passing time, only the wind of years, full of joy, I do n��t know if he has paid attention to the passing scene, I do n��t know if he knows the love of the world Marlboro Cigarettes. ? If it is ruthless, why always let the goodness emerge in the memory? The wind of years sounds the horn of the changing seasons, ignorant of the next reincarnation of CIMC. Spring, walking in the flow of comfort, knowing that it is a fleeting color, or that intense summer, bursts out in the fiery feelings, knowing that the heat is cold and persistent, and autumn is exhausted in the drifting sorrow , Knowing that there is no period after sorrow, or so indifferent; winter, solidifying himself in the depression, knowing that it is cold bondage, or so firm. Day after day, night after night, year after year, year after year, the wind blows away the time, but it blows away again. If you ask, where does the time go, just sigh, in a beautiful memory! The wind of years is like a sharp carving knife, so that every journey in life is carved so deeply. Before he woke up from his childhood dreams, he was taken away by the youth's boldness. When the flame of youth extinguished, he felt in maturity and the preciousness of the past. Sitting at the bow of life, watching the voyage passing by, on the hazy shore, the distant memories waved, and familiar sounds came from the ears, which were childhood cheerless cheers, and the youthful heartbeat That was the entrustment of the old mother. Mother, took me to the boat of life, escorted again and again, until one day, the wind of years blows her away, leaving only the entrustment and deep thoughts. Can't see the vicissitudes of the world. Say goodbye to the lingering feelings in life Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and come and drink a glass of lonely wine. The wind of years is the oar of life, the rudder of life, and I, just the passenger on this boat, from the moment I leave the harbor, Everything is left to the wind! In the journey without a return date, my heart floats in black and white, and I dare not stay in the dark. However, when the wind of years drives the day away, I can only wait in a long loneliness. Waiting is terrible, it is a kind of suffering, knowing that all this will pass, but can not stop the heart's hatred of darkness! In the dark night, the wind of years is holding my hand, moving forward slowly, regardless of my uneasy heart, yeah! Since it is irresistible, no matter how fearful it is, no matter how struggling you can't escape, instead of cursing the darkness around you, it is better to light the candle in your hand! Although it cannot illuminate the whole world, at least you can see the road under your feet and warm your uneasy one. I hold a bouquet of today's fallen flowers and throw it away yesterday, leaving the residual incense in the distant back! I can't see the fading scent, I can't smell the melancholy subtle fragrance. Although I am nostalgic, the scenery around me draws my thoughts to my eyes. Let ��s go, let go, disappear, and reappear. Let the wind of years dominate it! Not everything can be thrown in the wind, not everything can be interpreted in dreams Cigarettes Online, even if the boat of life is lost, it keeps moving forward. The leaves fall with branches, the flowers thank the pregnant child, leaving marks on the water, changing the scenery, and telling the trajectory of life! Gradually, I understand. The wind of years, wherever I go, there are dreams! Dreams are not just beautiful memories, nor are they illusory imaginations. Dreams are the cradle of miracles, the navigation that leads to the reproduction of life, the cloud that covers the blue sky, and the one that blocks the eyes. A mountain, weaving a long thread with faith, one end connected to the atrium, one end tied to the dream, gently opening the heart window, letting the dream in the heart fly, and the wind of years, soaring in the endless sky
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