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A few days ago I went to a place called Yunqi Bamboo Trail. Then you have a lot of trees along the way, some trees have been for decades, and some trees are less row, which makes me feel incredible. Most of the plants are static, even if they have some movements, we are hard to see with the naked eye Marlboro Lights, but it is undeniable that plants are also alive, and sometimes they live longer than us. To the old trees of those decades, even the old trees of hundreds of years, I not only sigh, what have they witnessed in these hundreds of years? They will go to loneliness. How did people live in the past? What did the former world look like? What kind of change is life now for them? If they can speak, they will be able to tell the story. The age of the trees can be judged according to the annual rings Cheap Cigarettes. The longer the time, the more the trees will become thicker. People can't live as long as trees, but trees can't be as free as people. The Creator is fair. If there is an afterlife, will you be a tree? I think I am willing, probably because I have become a human being, so in the next life, I will become a tree. Comfortable and great, he introduced a lot of history and humanities in a place. Think about it, it is a very cool thing. But from another angle, the life of the trees is also the master of mankind. Most people, for trees, don't care so much, they will cut down. Therefore, if you can't talk about protection as a number, it is also a sad thing. You may even end your life earlier than human beings, so no matter what you become, there are certain difficulties. I want to witness the old trees with so many history, I can understand the meaning of them. They will definitely want to be a person in the next life. But is the century old tree really happy? The biggest bad thing is that it can't walk Online Cigarettes. Humans can use their legs to use the means of transportation to see mountains and rivers and see everything in the world. We are just a small one, but we can see the big world. The tree is much taller than us, but we cannot rely on our own strength to pursue a bigger world. Therefore, I want to love people who travel, I will not want to be a tree. It is like the sorrow of a tree, and it is like the luck of mankind. At this moment, I also understand that when I become a human being, I have so many rights. It is born with you when you witness the past life, but when you can��t tell, you will feel that It��s a sad thing. When you see the flowers and plants around you take a step ahead of yourself, you will be sad. When you can't have a long time to become a friend with a human being, you will definitely feel lonely. Human beings are fortunate, have the right to freedom, have the right to complain, and have the right to choose to be alone. Fortunately for being a human being, don't always complain about life. Even if you live a hundred years old tree, you may not be so free and beautiful.
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