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Problem Statement
Marriage has for a long time being a social institution of great significance to the society. This social institution comprises of a set of laws Kailer Yamamoto Jersey , customs, practices, traditions, and behavior patterns that influence how couples relate to one another and that defines marriage to them and its purpose (Blankenhorn, 2013). Marriage plays a vital role in ensuring continuity of human species and meets the need for sharing life between a man and woman in the society. The sharing occurs when two consenting adults form partnerships to live together and start a family. The partnership gets motivated by different things among them friendship, romantic love Mark Letestu Jersey , companionship and sex, and even social pressure. Marriage is the initial step of the family life cycle and leads to the formation of a family that aims in achieving various social goals. These social goals that form the objectives of a family include the social control of reproduction, socialization of new generations, and social placement of children in larger society institutions. Marriage also serves as a primary unit for economic cooperation. However, this crucial social institution gets faced by different kinds of challenges that threaten to break its usefulness in the society
Literature ReviewDiscussion
The future of marriage is unknown as the modern society champions for values, roles Cam Talbot Jersey , laws, and customs that lead to the rise of marriage challenges. The various challenges that threaten marriage as a social institution include same- sex marriages, single parenthood, divorce, cohabitation without the wedding, and domestic violence.
HeteroSame Sex Marriages
The widespread popularity of gay and lesbian relationships around the world is among the leading difficulties that marriage faces as a social institution. These relationships are continuously getting accepted in many societies within the globe Milan Lucic Jersey , with nations such as Spain, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries legalizing same-sex marriage (Kornblum, 2011). On the other hand Darnell Nurse Jersey , numerous critics oppose same-sex marriages such as the Christian religion. In other parts of the world such as the Unites States, the debate on gay and lesbian relationships continues in the courts, government, and the communities. Those who support the concept claim that marriage should not only get based on childbearing, but also the sharing of friendship. Blankenhorn(2013), states that marriage as a social institution exists to solve a particular basic problem and satisfy a certain core need. This fundamental human problem and need is for the sharing of life between the sexes and be able to bear and bring up children so as to ensure human continuity. Gay and lesbian marriages do not conform to solving this fundamental human problem and need.
Divorce and remarriage in the modern society have become common threatening the social institution of marriage both in the present and current. The separation between married couples in the society may be a result of various reasons such as changes in expectations Patrick Maroon Jersey , adultery, desertion, domestic violence, and even changes in economic status between the spouses (Blundell, & Griffiths, 2003). The changing social attitudes such as less social disapproval and condemnation of divorce have also significantly led to high divorce rates. Divorce has different kinds of implications such as for the role of caring Ryan Strome Jersey , cohesion of society, children, and social society.
Cohabitation rates in the modern society have been on the rise, hence becoming a problem to the social institution of marriage. Moore (2001) states that cohabitation has not permanently replaced marriage as the accepted form of relationship however it may challenge marriage soon. The common reasons for cohabitation relationships in the society are financial status, traditions, and even the current divorce rates. Others view cohabitation as a rehearsal relationship for future marriage. Cohabitation has also become common with the gay and lesbian relationships.
Domestic violence
Domestic violence and cruelty in marriages have become prominent in the society. The violence in a family may be towards the man Adam Larsson Jersey , woman or children though it is quite common towards children and women. Domestic violence has adverse social and economic implications for the victims and the society at large.
Symbolic interaction theory is a form of micro-sociology that puts emphasis on the immediate social interaction as the place where the society exists (Andersen, & Taylor, 2007). Symbolic interactionist focuses on the meanings that humans put on their behaviors. The interactionist views the society as highly subjective and exists in people imaginations though its effects are real. Symbolic interactionist investigates on how individuals use symbols to establish a view of something in the world or to communicate with another person. The symbols are responsible for formation and development of relationships in the society. Symbolic interactionists explain the problem of high divorce rates in the society as a result of changing symbols in the society. These symbols in marriage include changes in ideas in emotional satisfaction, marital and parental roles and love. Interactionist views the family as a social system of interacting personalities who must tolerate with the continuous family composition and roles. The problem is focusing on individual demands rather than the needs of the family as a whole.
Conflict Theory
Conflict theory in the society puts emphasis on the role of cohesion and power that gives individuals the ability to influence and control others so as to achieve social order (Andersen, & Taylor, 2007). In this perspective Kris Russell Jersey , social order exists by domination, not consensus, and power gets only held by people with the largest pTime to Raise Your. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Vintage NFL Jerseys

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