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Smartphones: a Great Business Opportunity for Retailors Published: 18.06.2009 | Author: gaoxiong | Category: Business
Today if you haven’t heard of smartphones Montravius Adams Jersey , you must be an old-fashion person. In recent years, we have witnessed a quick rise of smartphones in the international market of cellular phones. As the name indicates, smartphones are meant to be smart. But what exactly a smartphone is And how smart smartphones could be?

In essence, smartphones are cell phones that are updated with rich high-tech properties out of traditional cell phones originally made for making phone calls and messaging. Added with the advanced Internet-based technology, a smartphone functions as a personal digital gadget or a mini computer which you carry with everywhere.

With a smartphone in hand, in addition to the premise features like phone calls and messaging, you can enjoy the email capacities Josh Jones Jersey , manage your documents, and visit websites for any intention like tracking stock trends, searching information, playing online games, reading news, etc. Moreover, all smartphones can be synched with PCs or laptops Kevin King Jersey , able to share with and load files or software from each other. It is widely acknowledged that smartphones have brought a new lifestyle to modern people, making life easier and easier. That is why many people are willing to invest big money in the small device.

Viewed from the development history of smallphones, we should say that smartphones are a complex of mobile phones and personal digital assistants. Conventionally, mobile phones were only used to make phone calls, just like land line phones. The biggest difference between a mobile phone and a land line phone is: a cell phone is wireless and portable but a landline is connected to a wire and cannot be taken out of a certain scope of a certain place. Finally, cellular phones are developed with messaging capacities. On the other hand, PDAs as handheld computers are limited to be used for computer technology-based functionalities including managing documents Josh Jackson Jersey , storing contact information and other data, managing agendas, recording important notes, etc. In addition, most personal digital assistants have Internet access with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which supports the sending and receiving of e-mails. Eventually, cell phones began to add functions typical of personal digital assistants or even of computers while PDAs developed with mobile phone capacities. Gradually Jaire Alexander Jersey , the developments of both PDAs and mobile phones create a product line called smartphones, which include the functions of the two different products.

The major features of today’s smartphones include a range of software and applications, Internet access capacities, e-mail messaging capacities, ability to synch with computers, an operation system, a touch screen Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys , etc.

All smartphones are designed with an operation system which supports the operation of productivity applications. For instance, iPhone from Apple runs on the iPhone OS and BlackBerry on the BlackBerry OS. Besides basic models of software including calendar, contact organizer and address book available in the majority of common mobile phones, a smartphone has much more about software. Most common software models set in the majority of smartphones include GPS mapping device, document and photo viewing and editing capacities, application download capacities, etc. Another outstanding feature of most smartphones lies in their ability to connect to the Web at remarkable speeds Brett Hundley Packers Jersey , which is supported by the development of 3G technology and Wi-Fi network. In spite of the fact that a few smartphones can’t provide high-speed access to the Internet, but they all provide some sort of access. Likely, the computer synchronization capacities make smartphones a wonderful device which can share many documents or software applications with any computer. And the good point is, thanks to this synchronization functionality, you can use a computer to operate tasks for your smartphone. For example, you can manage the contact information from your smartphone in any computer t is easier to operate in computers, of course.

These are just the major features of smartphones. As technology about smartphones develops constantly Kyler Fackrell Packers Jersey , we will see more and more the emergence of more and more smart features which will make

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